GMJ Profile

1. The Medical Journal for the World

The German Medical Journal is the medical trade journal from Germany designed for the international readership.

In 2007, the new journal of German medicine with international relevance – the German Medical Journal – came into the being. The development that was crucial for its respectable international distribution followed in 2008: The German Medical Journal was the very first German online journal of its kind. Today, each issue of the German Medical Journal is read by more than 800,000 readers in 117 countries in the world.

2. Up-to-date Specialist Articles from Various Fields of Medicine

Medical specialists of all disciplines, predominantly from German university hospitals, publish articles in the German Medical Journal. The editorial staff attach great importance to high-quality contents.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

The Internet was created as a medium for scientific publications and is the ideal communication channel for internationally relevant media. The German Medical Journal was one of the first medical trade journals to be published in digital form. German Medical Journal – anytime, anywhere.

4. Arabic-English and Russian-English

The German Medical Journal is published in the language combinations of Arabic-English and Russian-English.

With English as the basic international language, the GMJ makes a valuable contribution to international knowledge transfer. The English version is read throughout the world, on all continents, in 117 countries.

The Arabic and Russian languages ensure extensive circulation in countries where these languages are spoken. Addressing the readers in their native languages is a sign of appreciation and respect, which means a lot to many people and is also one of the reasons for the great trust and the wide acceptance the German Medical Journal enjoys throughout the globe.

5. Maximum International Coverage

The German Medical Journal is one of the medical journals boasting the highest international coverage. In 2019, the Arabic-English edition of the German Medical Journal had 399,000 readers and the Russian-English edition 412,000 readers worldwide.

6. Independence

Both the publishing house and the German Medical Journal are independent in all respects and are only committed to themselves.