German Medicine

Like no other country, Germany has a dense network of outstanding and committed hospitals, university hospitals and affiliated hospitals as well as privately run hospitals, medical-scientific institutes, research establishments and a world-class health care system. This is unique worldwide.

Physicians of all medical disciplines, medical specialists, nurses, administrative employees, hospital managements, researchers and many others ensure the health of people in our country in a responsible manner on a daily basis, striving to advance medical research and development with the goal to provide best possible medical treatment.

Representation of German Medicine

The health care sector has developed to become a key industry sector on an international scale. Today, countries offering first-rate medical care are faced with global competition and set high standards. This applies to both medical tourism and medical equipment, in addition to the establishment of entire medical infrastructures as well as the transfer of medical knowledge.

Germany has an excellent health care system by international standards. German medicine is held in high repute all over the world. On an international scale, Germany is considered one of the few countries with first-rate medicine.

The German Medical Journal represents German medicine internationally, giving it a voice.

The Voice of German Medicine in the World

The German Medical Journal was launched 16 years ago with the aim to create an internationally relevant online specialist journal that comes from Germany. Since then, the journal has strengthened the public image of German medicine, positioning Germany as a leading medical location in many important regions of the world.