The Voice of German Medicine in the World

The German Medical Journal is the medical journal for the worldwide medical community.

The German Medical Journal was launched 16 years ago with the aim to create an internationally relevant online specialist journal that comes from Germany. Since then, the journal has strengthened the public image of German medicine, positioning Germany as a leading medical location in many important regions of the world.

The German Medical Journal is an independent, high-quality medium. The journal offers universities, their specialists in all departments and medical research institutes an adequate platform for international publications, representing Germany, which has an excellent health care system by international standards, as a country of first-rate medicine.

The German Medical Journal is published bilingually in Arabic-English and Russian-English. The basic language English ensures extensive global circulation; the Arabic and Russian languages guarantee a high level of acceptance in countries where English is less common.

The German Medical Journal is the perfect medium for hospitals and businesses in the medical sector that wish to present themselves internationally and/or in Arabic- or Russian-speaking countries with an advertisement, a hospital profile or a product/company profile in a professional and high-quality environment.

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